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Making Magic With Movement

The Magic of Erotic Dance is a six-module, online erotic dance course designed to support women to be magically embodied. Erotic dance is a powerful way to stay energised, alive and turned on but it is also an incredible pathway to deeper self connection, body wisdom and magical manifestation. Explore elemental magic through movement’s that are fun, sexy and enlivening. Unlock your inner magical exhibitionist from the safety of your own home, alone or with a friend. Learn how the elements are guiding you to be free and liberated by embracing all that you are! Celebrate this beautiful body that is MAGICALLY YOU.

About Shaney Marie

Shaney is an inspired creator using the power of conscious eroticism to heal awaken and manifest a magical and meaningful life. Shaney utilises sex education, deep embodied processing and ritual magic in her work to merge the sacred with the profane, the divine with the dark and magic with the mundane. Learn more about Shaney here

Shaney Marie